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About SenterCare

Next generation home monitoring sensor

(Acute/chronic management)

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This is the home monitoring (acute and chronic phase) focusing on super-aging solutions with a digital scope.


Nozomi is promoting the introduction of advanced overseas digital health programs in Japan, and this time we have signed a contract to introduce Sentercare, a startup from Trendlines, a leading Israeli incubator, into Japan.

The feature is not only for acute phase alerts, long-term monitoring of daytime behavior by sensors is also possible. It is possible to detect changes in indivisual life patterns that are currently in high demand. Non-intrusive data acquisition also makes it easier for privacy issue.


Currently, Senterecare is conducting pilot with a major home care company in Israel and are attracting attention globally. In Japan Nozomi have received feedback from the domestic market that it can be expected as a next-generation monitoring technology in Japan. We are partnering with companies in this field to expand into Japan.

If you would like to become a partner for domestic expansion, please contact us using the inquiry form.

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